Brahmaki is a lifestyle brand that creates clothes and blending comfort with beauty.
The Kaftans are created in  beautiful colors with a special desert look - giving you a soft and embracing comfort.

Brahmaki  describe their style as 'relaxed elegance. They hand sew all the clothes and they only work with small productions and small teams where everyone feels good, gets a good salary and good working conditions.

A kaftan is a variant of the robe or tunic, and has been worn in a number of cultures around the world for thousands of years and is of Asiatic origin.


If you are interested in a Kaftan...

Please contact us by
Phone: +4520978199
We reccomend hand wash
But you can,if you have to, machine wash the clothes. However, always with a laundry bag and cold water, avoid spinning. Hot water shrinks the fibers (an alternative, however, if you feel that the clothes are a little big )

Friction creates bump

Avoid rubbing the garment against, for example, a bag. Friction roughens the fibers. Use only soft handbags for minimal wear or no bag at all