All SiroccoLivings products in Alabaster are stone work done in local stone, mostly from the Nile area.
The alabaster stone exists in different shades of white and beige and in different densities of stone crystals.
Most of the stone used by SiroccoLiving is a matte crystallized snow white stone. The alabaster mountains are in the Luxor area and so are most of the work-shops. All the work is done by hand and the process goes through many steps. In order for the fine crystals in the stone not to break, the cutting must be done gradually over days. In the night the stone is left wrapped in cotton with glue and each day a layer of the stone is cut off until the final shape is achieved.

 White alabaster stone products in unique designs

All of our products in alabaster stone are from the Danish company, Sirocco Living. The designers of Sirocco Living get their inspiration from cultures around the world, and they want to exchange cultures with each other. Therefore, the alabaster products are all handmade and with ancient and traditional procedures from the original country. This means that all of our alabaster stone products are in a completely unique design and are all offered in a limited amount. For that reason, you can always be certain that nobody has alabaster products just like yours. Furthermore, all of the products are of high quality, wherefore you can enjoy them for many years to come. So, if you have fallen in love with products of the amazing white alabaster stone, you have come to the perfect place! Go explore our wide range of candle holders and vases right away.

Bring culture into your home with alabaster candleholders

The name of the company, Sirocco Living, is inspired by the Sirocco wind that blows all the way from Sahara to Europe. In doing that, the Sirocco wind brings tiny grains of sand from one culture to another – just like the brand dreams of sharing cultures around the world with each other. Their story is unique and fascinating. However, their products are even more so. They offer unique alabaster products to your home. Products that originate from around the world, and products that all have a personal, warm, and ethereal complexion. The alabaster candle holders that you find right here at our online shop are beautiful and natural, and they are made of materials of the highest possible quality.

All alabaster candle holders are made under great conditions

Our beautiful candle holders and vases in alabaster stone all originate from hand-carved mountains from Egypt. They are products that are all handmade, and therefore they all have their unique complexion and structure. Mutual for all is the most beautiful tone that the candleholders give when you light a candle in them. Therefore, these alabaster candle holders are perfect for you, if you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. In addition, you can even do it with a clean conscience, as Sirocco Living only offers alabaster products that are made under fair, loyal and ethical conditions. You can be completely certain that even though the alabaster stone products have no certification or label to lean against, each and every product is made by proud craftsmen, who make magic with their own hands – and they are worshipped for it.

Explore a wide range of alabaster candleholders at Craft Collective Cph

Here at Craft Collective Cph, we offer a wide and exciting range of candle holders and vases, and we guarantee that you will find a candle holder or vase here at our online shop that you like. Furthermore, if you choose to buy your new candleholders in alabaster stone here at Craft Collective Cph, you will always be offered a great deal along the way. That allows you to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, but without having to use all of your savings on it – and who doesn’t want that? So go explore our great selection of vases and candleholders right away, and find all of your favorite pieces!


Fantastic service and fast delivery

The DNA of Craft Collective Cph is a passion for artisan work and unique crafts. We are based in Copenhagen and we have Nordic roots. We are however drawn to the interaction of craftsmanship from abroad, and for that reason we wish to gather treasures from around the world, which allows us to offer you a rare and selective range of products of alabaster stone. At Craft Collective Cph we also unify crafts that bring an extra dimension to the high-quality candle holders in alabaster stone. We have an eye for genuine handwork, materials, and design, and it is clearly reflected in the products in our selection.

Furthermore, we wish to give you the best experience shopping here at our online shop. Therefore, if you have any questions about our wide range of products in alabaster stone, we are pleased to answer them. You can call us on +45 20 97 81 99 or you can write us an email at – we look forward to hearing from you!