At Craft Collective Cph have we carefully selected a unique range of furniture that we admire for their good craftsmanship and solid materials.

Among our furniture you will find beautiful plank tables, dining chairs, 

coffee tables, daybeds and more..

Unique and high-quality furniture

At Craft Collective Cph we have made it easy for you to shop your new high-quality furniture online. The carefully selected furniture that you find right here at our online shop is unique furniture of the highest possible quality. It is furthermore a wide range of furniture, wherefore we guarantee that you are able to find some furniture that fits perfectly into your home. We appreciate good craftsmanship and solid materials, and for that exact reason, our furniture reflects those exact qualities. If you are therefore looking for some new furniture for your home, you have come to the perfect place. Explore our wide range of furniture here at our online shop – you will not be disappointed!

Furniture in every style

Our furniture is both small, tall, pretty, and functional. In other words: we have furniture that fits every taste. However mutual for all is the extremely high quality that all of our furniture offer. And those are just some of the reasons to shop your furniture at our online shop. The wide range of furniture offers furniture in every style, and you are able to choose between different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. And for that reason, it will never get boring to shop furniture online – whatever you might be searching for.

Create the perfect atmosphere with new furniture

When shopping for furniture for your home here at Craft Collective Cph, every detail has gotten a thought. We think of all the details whether you are shopping for the teen, who are leaving home, or to your favorite room in your family home. We are almost certain that you are able to find the perfect furniture right here at our online shop, wherefore there are many good reasons to go explore our furniture in exciting designs and stylish shapes and sizes. Because with the right house décor you can make a big difference in your home. You can not only change how a room looks, but you can also change the entire atmosphere of the room. The color combinations, the materials, and the shapes and sizes of your furniture all play a role in making your home both functional, cozy, and inviting.

Explore a great selection of furniture at Craft Collective Cph

At Craft Collective we offer a great selection of high-quality furniture, and we are quite certain that you will find the perfect furniture for your home right here at our online shop. Furthermore, if you choose to buy your new furniture here at Craft Collective Cph, we will always be ready with a great deal for you. That gives you the opportunity to design your home from scratch, but without having to use all of your savings on it – and who doesn’t want that? So go explore our great selection of furniture right away and find all of your favorite pieces!

Fantastic service and fast delivery

The DNA of Craft Collective Cph is a passion for artisan work and unique crafts. We are however drawn to the interaction of craftsmanship from abroad, and for that reason we wish to gather treasures from around the world, which gives us the opportunity to offer you a rare and selective range of furniture. We have an eye for genuine handwork, materials, and design, and it is clearly reflected in the furniture in our selection.
Furthermore, we wish to give you the best experience shopping here at our online shop. Therefore, if you have any questions about our wide range of furniture, we are pleased to answer them. You can call us on +45 20 97 81 99 or you can write us an email at – we look forward to hearing from you!