The history of the alter candle - 'Alterlyset' started in 1950, when Jens Andreas Dahl Hansen founded the candle foundry 'Hygge Lys' in Copenhagen, and quickly became one of the leading suppliers to churches in Denmark.
He designed a sculptural and timeless l that could stand directly on the table as well as the floor. An iconic Danish design that, in its combination of simplicity, aesthetics and function, is brought to life through skilled craftsmanship and the best quality raw materials.

The fourth generation now lifts the cultural heritage and ensures that the good craftsmanship and the high quality are continued. 'Alterlyset' is produced in Denmark, is still cast manually and processed by hand. Also the individual calendar candle is hand-printed.

'Hyggelyset' was created in 2015 and is the well-known design in the colors of nature.

Sustainability, design, craftsmanship and first-class quality are united in 'Alterlyset'.
For casting the candles, 100% vegetable palm oil certified by RSPO is used. Together with a specially made pure cotton wick, that gives the light a rich flame and a stable burning, which is environmentally and allergy-friendly.

'Alterlyset' has since January 2015 been a certified member of RSPO / Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. Membership No. 9-0949-15-000-00.