NIMU - natural soap

The need to clean seems to be as old as civilisations.
According to a legend, the word "soap" (Italian Sapone) came from Mount Sapo, a sacred place in Rome.
One of the most neglected and healthy pleasures of our daily rituals is bath.
The Romans enjoyed it in Thermae and the Japanese at Onsen, but the purpose of purification time for ourselves is the same.

NIMU is an Italian company, founded in Rome in 2015, based on the approach to treat daily home textiles with the same care and attention to detail-quality than Luxury garments in the fashion industry.

NIMU has been inspired by Numa Pompilius, the peaceful second king of Rome and his divine consort, the water nymph Aegeria.

Numa is credited with the formulation of the 12 months calendar that we still use nowadays. Aegeria, his consort, was turned into a fountain by the goddess Diana, due to her tears of sorrow after Numa´s death.

This fountain provided clear waters to the ancient Roman baths “Thermae”, where citizens enjoyed bath rituals.

Both of them have a significance in NIMU's brand inspiration, Time and Water, life and joy.