Cutting boards

Bring a piece of the Mediterranean home with this splendid olive wood cutting board from Italy. The natural beauty of the olive grain makes this a perfect board for 'antipasti' and small bites. 
Each piece is unique and hand-crafted from olive wood and the grain of these boards makes each one a natural work of art.
Olive wood is very hard and smooth, making it a great choice for a cutting board, its hardness and very closed grain, making it very suitable for food handling,.
Use it also as a decoration and eye-catcer The olive wood board is ideal in the kitchen.
It comes in a variety of useful sizes.
Care information:
Never put wood cutting boards in the dishwasher or leave them to soak in water. Instead, wash straight after use and leave to air dry. Treat with cooking oil occasionally.
Note that due to the uniqueness of olive wood, each piece will be different and may vary in shape from pictures shown.