Duvet cover - Natural
Duvet cover - Natural
Duvet cover - Natural
Duvet cover - Natural
Duvet cover - Natural
Duvet cover - Natural
Duvet cover - Natural

Duvet cover - Natural

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Linen duvet cover in charcoal gray color. This color has the unique ability to shift depending on the amount of natural light in the room: it can go from washed gray to subtle purple tones. Perfect for unisex bedroom decor and easy to mix and match with other colors and patterns.

Note: Magic Linen use wide fabric to make our bedding so there won't be any additional seams in the middle.

  • Includes one duvet cover
  • Coconut button closure and interior ties
  • Made from 100% European flax
  • Stone washed for maximum softness
  • OEKO-TEX certified product (absent of harmful chemicals)

How to wash linen

Linen items can be both hand washed and machine washed - either of these methods are fine and won’t stretch or shrink your linens. If you do experience damage during wash, it may be related to the quality of the fabric or chemicals involved.

Machine wash:
1. Separate white, dark, and colored linens. For best results, wash separately from other fabrics.
2. Wash in lukewarm water (<40°C/104°F). High temperatures may cause shrinkage of up to 10% and weaken the linen fiber.
3. Use the gentle machine cycle and don’t overload your washing machine.
4. Use mild detergent formulated for delicate fabrics. Don't bleach.

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