Balloon Vase 04 raw white - Louise Roe
Balloon Vase 04 raw white - Louise Roe
Craft Collective Copenhagen

Balloon Vase 04 raw white - Louise Roe

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Beautiful ceramic vase from Louise Roe Copenhagen

Size: Ø10/24 H32 cm

Like structural clouds in a pale Scandinavian sky, the Raw White vase provides light and pureness to any space. With it's unglazed finish, Raw White provides a natural and untouched finish.
Originated as a tribute to the craftsmanship of mouth blown glass, with its sensuous bulges, the ceramic texture brings a whole new life to the design. Like a Venus of Willendorf, the fertility goddess, the ballon 04 oozes of abundance and success.
It´s both sculptural and can be used as a vase or simply just as a monumental piece of art.
Please note, this is an unglazed finish and can therefore be prone to finger prints or markings during transport. These can all easily be removed with water, dishwasher soap and a soft sponge. 

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