Do you feel like something is missing in your home? Can’t you, however, put a finger on what? Then you might need some new lamps. Bad lighting doesn’t quite create the right atmosphere in a room. Therefore changing the lamps in a specific room can change the whole feeling you get in your stomach when you are in the room. At Craft Collective Cph we know how important lamps and lighting are for your home, and for that reason we have assembled a wide range of High-quality lamps here at our online shop. Go check out the selection right away!


How to decorate a room correctly using lighting

It is not completely unimportant, how you place your lamps in a particular room. For example: if you place all of the lamps in your living room at the same height, it will create an unflattering circle, and all of the light will be directed towards the middle of the living room. Instead, you want to make sure that your lamps are positioned at different heights, so you make the most out of the room. Placing your lamps at the same height may make the living room appear smaller than it is. Therefore it is important to work with light at different levels. For example: place one or two lamps on a table or in the window, so there is light mid-level. Place also a lamp in a higher position in the ceiling, and last, but not least, place a lamp on the floor. This strategic positioning of your lamps will make your living room look much bigger and even more interesting!

Lamps for both soothing and practical light

As you might have discovered, it is not that difficult to create the perfect atmosphere in the living room just by using lamps. And if you use this method to create the perfect living room lighting, the result will be an overall warming light – but of course, also function. Because it is certain that using this method, you will have both functional lights for reading and soothing light for when it is time to relax in the evening. And if you want to try out the method, you can explore our wide range of unique lamps here at our online shop right away!

Explore a wide range of lamps at Craft Collective Cph

Here at Craft Collective Cph, we offer a wide and exciting range of lamps, and we guarantee that you will find a lamp or two here at our online shop that you like. We offer lamps in different styles, materials, and colors, and of course also some great designer lamps for a bit of a luxury feeling. Furthermore, if you choose to buy your new lamps here at Craft Collective Cph, you will always be offered a great deal along the way. That allows you to create the perfect atmosphere with the help of lighting in every room of your home, but without having to use all of your savings on it – and who doesn’t want that? So go explore our great selection of lamps right away, and find all of your favorite pieces!

Fantastic service and fast delivery

The DNA of Craft Collective Cph is a passion for artisan work and unique crafts. We are based in Copenhagen and we have Nordic roots. We are however drawn to the interaction of craftsmanship from abroad, and for that reason we wish to gather treasures from around the world, which allows us to offer you a rare and selective range of lamps. At Craft Collective Cph we also unify crafts that bring an extra dimension to the lamps. We have an eye for genuine handwork, materials, and design, and it is clearly reflected in the furniture in our selection.
Furthermore, we wish to give you the best experience shopping here at our online shop. Therefore, if you have any questions about our wide range of lamps, we are pleased to answer them. You can call us on +45 20 97 81 99 or you can write us an email at – we look forward to hearing from you!